One cup of kids, two tablespoons of sleepless nights mixed with a heap of real life — it’s no wonder cooking delicious and healthy meals can feel like a big chore to tackle every week.

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Hi, I’m Marianne, an Executive Chef turned mom on a mission...

I’ve spent over a decade cooking in restaurants from New York to Minneapolis to Chicago. In The Clarified Menu, each week I dish out my best tools, tips, and secrets of the trade in a flexible meal plan that works for your real life. From my years working as a chef, here’s what I know cooking is really about:

preparation, organization, and simplicity.

Subscribing to The Clarified Menu is like having a friend who just also happens to be a chef. I’ve been answering my friends cooking S.O.S. calls, texts, and emails for years. I love watching my friends go from feeling stressed out and in a jam to wowing their family and rocking it in their home kitchens with confidence.

If we lived in the same neighborhood, this is me coming over with treats and a thermos full of your favorite coffee or tea because I know you’ve had one heck of a week.  And guess what? You’re not alone and I have an email inbox with stories to prove it.

The Problem

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking, researching and talking to other moms. The more moms I talked to, the more I noticed a pattern emerging.

You can totally find cool recipes online, but you have to search for them on blogs, websites, and Pinterest to find your meals for the week.

Then you still have to make the shopping list, plan and cook.

Is this a part-time job or what?


Here's what I'm hearing

“I don’t have enough time.”
“I worry about feeding my family a nutritious diet.”
“I can’t compete with those celebrity chefs on TV.”
“Cooking amazing food feels too hard.”
“Cooking feels more like a burden.”
“I feel guilty it doesn’t just come naturally.”
“It’s hard to come up with ideas week in and week out.”

You could continue to browse the internet for recipes, struggling to find the time to handle real life AND put together a healthy, delicious menu for the week.

But imagine if your week looked more like this:


On Wednesdays a special delivery drops into your inbox.

It includes everything you need to plan, shop, prep and cook a week of delicious and healthy meals.


You add 1-2 meals only you know about

(yeah I'm talking about your famous instapot chili)


You have a super fun Sunday prep party with music and your favorite beverage.


Then you put the finishing touches on chef level meals throughout the week with ease.

But this isn't just a meal plan.

1 part flexible meal plan
+ 1 part facebook community for fun & support
+ 1 part executive chef in your corner

= The Clarified Menu

What kind of food is The Clarified Menu all about?

This is not a diet plan. This is a real food plan with a focus on veggies and seasonal menus, meant to be tinkered and tweaked for your real life. Vegetarian? Just skip the meat that pops up from time to time. Gluten-free? Use a gluten-free flour blend. Don't like kale? Use your favorite green vegetable instead. The Clarified Menu is all about empowering you to cook chef level real food and make any needed adjustments with ease.


The reason for this is simple: the goal is to help you cook food that is full of vibrant flavor and leaves you feeling great.


Local and sustainably raised meat is more expensive but worth every penny. My suggestion? Get to know a local farmer that has a heart for sustainability and support them with your meat purchases. So for the planet, our wallets, and the meal plan, meat pops up from time to time, just not every week.


It’s all about balance. If our plates are full of lots of beautiful and vibrant veggies throughout the week, we think that leaves plenty of room for a decadent dessert from time to time as well.

Why our recipes are seasonal & from scratch?

Local food is more flavorful, more nutrient dense and less processed. It’s good for your body, the environment and puts money back into your community. Buying local paves the way for future generations of small family farmers by establishing demand.

This isn’t about a bunch of rules or judgment. It’s a star to shoot for.

Every day we get the chance to vote for what matters to us with our wallets. From my perspective, this is super cool and a big deal with long-term benefits for our health. Because of this, we try to keep recipes seasonal and from scratch.


The Clarified Menu—vibrant, easy and fun food that makes you feel good.

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Here's what people are saying...

“Super doable meal planning for the whole family! Recipes are adaptable and easy to follow. I've already bought ingredients to make 2 of the dishes again”.
- Rebecca, San Diego, CA

“I cannot be more thankful for how much easier my week was, having everything prepped beforehand. Rather than feeling dread each late afternoon about cooking, I felt excitement about the fact that I simply had to assemble the food. Not only that, I felt relief and confidence that my family was being properly nourished with a healthy and delicious meal! Plus clean-up was way easier too.”.
- Michelle, Canton, OH

“The Clarified Menu helped me feel inspired to prep, plan, and cook in my own kitchen. I used to feel timid to try new recipes but I found a new sense of confidence with the support and education offered here.”.
- Julienne, Santa Fe, NM

Marianne Sundquist

About Marianne

I am an executive chef turned mom, blogger and food biz and restaurant consultant. I love working on projects that keep me close to the kitchen and love helping others bring their food ideas to life. I live in Santa Fe, NM with my husband Hans and two boys, River and Fox.

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